Project: ADC Awards and Young Ones Awards

Responsibilities TVCF + ADDIKT: Creative Direction, Content Creation, Music Creation, Show Direction, Show Production

For: The One Club for Creativity

The 98th edition of the ADC Annual Awards, one of the oldest running and most coveted industry awards show, was held in New York on 6th May 2019, completing a near-century in its commitment towards advertising, design, craftsmanship and innovation.

For this year’s ADC Annual Awards Show and The Young Ones Awards, Addikt and The very creative firm collaborated as creative directors and producers of the show & stage design, audio and video experience, and live performances.

Addikt and The very creative firm build on the initial direction – ‘The Cube’ for the ADC Annual Awards Show and ‘Use Your Head’ for The Young Ones Awards – to create an experience that is entertaining and evocative for every attendee. They combine storytelling with technology, incorporating graphics, sound, motion, and interactivity to deliver a high-quality experience. The show concept and packaging tie in with the nurturing position of The One Club as an organization that empowers new talent and oversees industry standards, trends and needs.

Barry Schwarz, Chief Creative & Co-founder, Addikt: “Firstly, we wanted the audience to appreciate the works of the awards winners. But regardless of whether one wins an award or not, our goal, is to make it engaging and memorable for everyone throughout the evening. It is an evening where the themes ‘The Cube’ and ‘Use Your Head’ are united by all the sensory elements.”

Martin van der Werff, Creative Director & Co-Founder, The very creative firm: “The show concepts honour the legacy of the ADC Awards and its significance in the industry, while creating an award show that is built on today’s means of storytelling: through interaction and engagement.”

Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity:  “The ADC Annual Awards is one of the most important and prestigious events of the year for the global design and creative community, and we are excited to have had Addikt and The very creative firm as partners to make this magical evening come to life in a memorable way.”


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