Project:                 The Icon Is Back - Volkswagen Group Malaysia 2012

Responsibility:    Creative direction, show direction, project management and account management

For:                        DVP Asia Eventmarketing

As creative director for DVP Asia, Martin created a communication theme and a concept for the introduction of the iconic new Beetle to Malaysia. 


In a large video set, with moving blocks, the audience saw an impressive show within the theme of:


The Icon Is Back.


In creation, Martin worked closely together with head of creation, Rob de Vries, and the entire DVP Asia team, which was led by Fransiska, delivering the complete creative output in terms of communication, content, show and performance. 


On the production side, Fransiska was responsible for the production and execution of this event and the client management. 


Music: B-Wave

Video content and set design: Addikt


As show director, Martin executed the concept for this public event. 


DVP Asia Eventmarketing won 3 Asian Marketing Event Awards with this event.

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