Martin started working as an executive producer for various touring productions. He later developed as a director and has been working as a creative show director for many projects and different partners during the past few years.


As an all-round creative, Martin is able to offer a 360 degree scope of services. From creative direction of music productions, to storyboard creation and script writing, to coaching of speakers. From creative direction of video productions to creating and rehearsing entire show productions.

This includes setting and staging of fashion shows, concerts, and various stage performances.


Martin creates from a communication point of view and his work can always be characterised as storytelling.


His producer background gives him a pragmatic view on creating show productions, which helps to streamline the production process.


Amongst various freelance assignments, Martin is proud of having been the creative director for DVP Asia Eventmarketing. This Shanghai based agency is where Martin met Fransiska, who was then working as the company’s general manager.




A college internship was the start in the event industry for Fransiska. The internship was at an eventmarketing agency in The Netherlands and after it ended, she continued working at the agency as junior project manager. 


In 2009 she was recruited as project manager at a Shanghai based event agency, DVP Asia Eventmarketing, where she worked her way up to the position of Senior Project Manager.


In 2010 she made a decision to embark on a new adventure and founded her own company Frissel in The Netherlands. With Frissel she worked for multiple multinationals and international event agencies.


After a year she got offered a job as vice general manager at the previous Shanghai based event agency. She accepted the job and was later promoted to General Manager of the company. 


After two successful years as General Manager, she decided to set-up her own agency together with Martin van der Werff.


From her past experience in project and general management, Fransiska developed a strong set of business management and project management skills, which go from team management, client management to onsite productions.


Moving to the city of Los Angeles was the start of Emily's producing career.


Her first producing job, funny enough, was for another Dutch-based company before finding her forever home at The Very Creative Firm. She still, somehow, doesn't speak one bit of Dutch but wants you to know she's working on it :-) Stroopwafel!


Before sinking her teeth into production Emily mainly focused her life on her other passion, comedy, and acting. You can find her improvising on different stages around Los Angeles or perusing her next audition.


Right now, she’s in pre-production of her comedy web series called, Well Fed. Her co-creator and her wear many hats: writer, director, producer, and of course star in it.

From being an artist to relying on her quick wit, to being a natural planner, Emily has developed a promising career in production and happy to part of a team as amazing as, Fransiska Weckesser and Martin van der Werff!


We very much love storytelling

We very much love talent

We very much love show

We very much love lights

We very much love film

We very much love music

We very much love concepts that move you.


We develop and execute creative concepts for brands, commercial partners and artists.


We believe firmly in creativity from the gut and stand firm for what we believe in.


We are the very creative firm.

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