As creative director, Martin was hired by DVP Asia to create and execute the concept for the launch video of the Infiniti Q80 concept car. 


He created a concept that embodied the various aspects of this car as well as the brand values. 


Together with the team at DVP Asia, led by Fransiska Weckesser, Martin worked closely together with videoproduction company Chimney in Germany and director Hinrich Pflug in reworking and shaping the storyboard and previz. 


The video premiered on the Paris Autoshow and marked a new chapter for the Infiniti brand. 


Video production:               Chimney, Germany

Producer:                              Dimitrios Karras

Director:                                Hinrich Pflug

Audio production:               Great Things

Project:                 Infiniti Q80 concept film

Responsibility:    Creative direction, project management and account management 

For:                        DVP Asia Eventmanagement

Photography: Arma Global Media  Development

Photography: Arma Global Media  Development

Photography: Arma Global Media  Development

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