Project:                 Panamera Sport Turismo

Responsibility:    Creative and show direction and Production

For:                        Porsche / with Must Films.

Our partner Must Films asked us to collaborate on the China launch of the All New Panamera Sport Turismo. We were responsible for the show direction and the onsite production of the launch. 


The lead event agency Avantgarde was responsible for the overall event and we were in charge of the show portion of it.


Guests were treated to an exclusive dinner party during which the latest edition of the Panamera was revealed on a stage surrounded by video content.


A large dance group and a band were the opening act after which the car was presented with an interactive car choreography.    


We helped launch the luxury sport model of the Gen 2 Panamera the previous year. We choreographed and produced all content including holographic stage performances and interactive car presentation, launch highlight, music and lighting.