Project:                 Volkswagen Group China Guangzhou Autoshow

Responsibility:    Director, creative direction, project management and account management

For:                        DVP Asia Eventmarketing

As creative director, Martin was hired by DVP Asia to create and execute the concept for the Volkswagen China Guangzhou Autoshow.


He created the theme "This is our World" that showcased the values and cars of Volkswagen China. 


Key element was a music video that was performed live in front of a big LED screen.


Together with the team at DVP Asia, led by Fransiska Weckesser, and with partners, Martin created and co-wrote/produced the song, developed the video storyboard and directed the video. 


Fransiska was responsible for the production and 

execution of this event and the client management.


Video production:                Addikt

Director of Photography:   Marlon Gervacio

Audio production:               Great Things

Song writer/producer:       Rinus Aarts

Choreography:                     Yvette de Wilde

Styling:                                  Ekaterina Razgonova

Hair & Make-up:                 Monique Brinkhorst

Vocals:                                   Laurie Reijs

                                                Sharifa Smith

                                                Rowena Ben Rabaa


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Photography: Arma Global Media  Development

Photography: Arma Global Media  Development

Photography: Arma Global Media  Development

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